Library Board of Trustees
The Port Jervis Free Library is governed by a five-member Library Board of Trustees, made up of community members who are elected every five years. The Board meets at 10:00 a.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. The public is invited to attend.

Members of the Library Board of Trustees
Carl Hendrick (term ends 2022)
Dick Roberts (term ends 2024)
Joan Wagner (term ends 2025)
Carey Sue Connelly (term ends 2023)
Valerie Maginsky (term ends 2026)

Board Secretary
Susan Wade

Library Director
Beverly Arlequeeuw - Email:
View the Board of Trustee Bylaws, Rules and Regulations here.
View the Library's 2021-2022 Operating Budget here.
View the Library's 2020 Annual Report here.
View the Library's 2017-2021 Five-Year Strategic Plan here.

Library Board of Trustee Meetings:
You can read through the minutes of the library board's recent meetings here: