Port Jervis Free Library Event Calendar

Date: 3/28/2019
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Title: Paranomal Investigations with the Ghost Detective
Contact: The Hub, 845-856-7313 ext 5
Location: The Community Room
Description: Author of The Ghost Detective, Michael Worden of Port Jervis, offers a unique perspective as an investigator of both the living and the dead! He is a police detective in Port Jervis with over twenty years of law enforcement experience. As a result of his own experiences, he became interested in the paranormal and, on his off-time, has been investigating ghosts since 2000. Michael's own interest in the paranormal can be traced to his childhood. "I was the kid in elementary school who was reading books on ghosts and the paranormal," says Worden. His interest was fueled by personal experiences he and many members of his family had at his grandparents’ home, which is still haunted to this day. He will present the evidence that will prove or disprove the existence of ghosts. But, in the end, you will be the jury and a vote on each haunting occurrence will be taken. Was it a ghost or not? As you explore the nature of ghosts, sensible techniques of ghost hunting, and real evidence of paranormal activity, you will also decide if you are ready to take your own journey into the dark and eerie world of ghost hunting.
Presenter: Michael Worden Charge: Free

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